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Using several different softwares to run a small business is not what most businesses prefer. It's time someone did something about it.
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Description of Project Gemma

Gemma is a project and task management web application software at its core. It is designed to help small to
medium sized professional service providers, consultancies and designers to organise their projects and tasks and
keep track of their payment and workload. Gemma keeps a registry of client businesses, persons in that business,
quotes, projects, invoices and operators of the business.

Extra Functionality

Since Gemma records payments it can also be used to show the income of the business. By adding a place
to record the expenses, Gemma can be used as a simple accounting solution without the unnecessary complicated
functionality of full scale accounting software. Since it remembers all the times and interactions of the project
Gemma can provide information about the business in form of well formatted business intelligence presentations and charts.
When Gemma has learned enough about the business it starts acting on her own and takes care of client interactions,
invoice follow up, welcome emails etc. It monitors the performance and health of the business and either acts by itself
to fix problems or brings the issue to the attention of business owner. In general, when the software is at its mature
stages, Gemma will act as a very well informed and disciplined employee who truly cares about the well being
and health of the business it serves.

Intended Business Sector

Gemma targets to service small to medium sized business sector of the market who run their services on a project basis.
Small SOHO one man businesses and small to medium sized practices all have similar needs and problems.
Regardless of the business size, each project focused business requires effective and automated software solutions for
the following critical areas: Project Management - Task Management - Accounting - Customer Relation Management
Office Management - Business Intelligence and Budgetting.

Gemma aims to provide this section of the market with a very simple to use project and task management solution.
At the same time it can provide the business with the most important functionalities of enterprise level specialised software
packages in the areas that mentioned above without the added complex features and settings which are only required by
larger businesses which can afford the capital and specialised skillset to operate those solutions.

Gemma Benefits

Gemma project has been emerged from a live business environment based on its core day to day needs, requirements and problems.
As a result its approach to solving business problems is practical, effective, unobtrusive and simple.

Easy to Work With

Working with Gemma as a reliable and simple project and business management solution is very easy. No matter how advanced the software will grow in the future versions, the interface simplicity will always be preserved and UI changes will be kept to minimum.

Avoid Unnecessary Learning

No business executive and operator wants to spend all their productive time learning new technologies and concepts just to run the business. Gemma eliminates the unnecessary need to learn new skills by educated reuse of data and advanced utilisation of best business practices automatically.

Eliminates excessive Complexity

All the compexity of Gemma's advanced operation is encapsulated inside its easy to use interface. As a results Gemma doesn't suffer from excessive complexity of regular feature rich softwares while providing core and essential business maintenance support.

Avoids Data Redundancy

Copying data from one spreadsheet to another or from one software to the next is ineffective and inaccurate. By monitoring and recording a central pool of project, client and operator information, Gemma is able to provide many essential business services which require the same data.

Automated AI Management

By monitoring the business operation and constantly educating itself regarding its health and performance metrics, Gemma's AI module gradually develops familiarity and awareness and makes more and more statistically accurate assumptions and decisions.

Use of Business Best Practices

Gemma automatically applies tried and proven best business practices when it performs it operations. From socially aware Customer Relation Management to timely follow ups, greetings, employee performance monitoring and many others, Gemma is always kept updated with the best research results we can find.

Typical problems faced by any SME business

And how Gemma will address those problems

Gemma's approach to addressing the most critical and necessary requirements of managing a business in one simple to use application removes the need to learn different softwares to run a business. The best practices of several disciplines of knowledge and management software are being gathered in Gemma so the business would practically become independent of different software solutions for each one of its needs.

Any business needs to address these areas to some extent however learning different unrelated disciplines reduces the productivity of business professional and management team dramatically. Gemma eliminates the need to learn new knowledge areas by educated use of the same information from core project management functionality and using it to provide these services in an independent and automated fashion.

The base project information and client information which is gathered at the point of creation of any of these entities is all the information Gemma would ever need to perform its intended duties in Project Management, CRM, Accounting etc. As a result the need to duplicate and re enter the same information between several software packages is compeltely eliminated.

Any business owner practically loses productivity and opportunities for business growth by being consumed from managing the day to day operations of a business. This is particularly true in recent years as the administrative and regulatory playground of running a business steadily becomes more complex every day. By using Gemma a business owner can avoid learning differnt software solutions and rely on a simple to use software to address all the core needs and problems of managing his business.

The majority of advanced business and project management softwares in the market focus on offering extensive array of features which is not necessarily a good thing for many types and sizes of business. Gemma only provides the most obvious and useful functionalities of high end feature rich packages and avoids the confusing complexities of unnecessary features which are rarely used by most businesses.

At its heart Gemma is home to a constantly learning and well informed virtual intelligent business agent. This functionality of Gemma monitors the health and performance of a business in all critical areas and just like a caring and educated business executive. It takes the initiative and attempts to resolve the business problems like fee proposal and invoice follow ups without disturbing the productive work flow of business executives and professionals.

Gemma has a simple and very effective project and task management engine as its core functionality. The project management workflow of Gemma has been the result of extensive UX analysis on several businesses and therefore it is the best response to real world scenarios and actual business problems. It performs task and project assignment and ascertains that the projects are on a safe path to timely delivery. Gemma also constantly monitors the performance of various business operators and educates itself and the business owner regarding their performance metrics.

By use of the software's virtual intelligent business agent, Gemma's CRM module constantly monitors the operations of the business and its clients. The clients of the business are always ranked and arranged based on the most relevant evaluation criteria and the best and most important clients of the business are always arranged in special registries. Gemma automatically attends to the best (or all) clients of a business by sending welcome emails, introductory emails and seasonal greetings while conforming to the best business etiquette and proven practices.

Simple and essential accounting and budgetting is automatically provided by Gemma. By monitoring and analysing the income of the business from its activities and projects Gemma always has a good understanding of the incoming cashflow. When combined with simple to use expenses registry of Gemma accounting module the software provides realtime and reliable financial overview of the business and enables the business owner to benefit from well informed budgetting. In future development phases, Gemma will be integrated into well known accounting platforms to make it a desirable choice for businesses and their accountants alike.

Gemma naturally knows all about the financial health of the business it runs. As a result the job of income and expense monitoring and reporting the capital assets of a business is comfortably handled by Gemma. By researching on the best capital management advice on the market, the behaviour of the software will be adjusted in a way that provides real time and highly educated financial advice to the business owners and empower them to ascertain the best choices are always being considered.

Gemma Features

Here's a high level overview of Gemma main features and capabilities as anticipated in current versioning.
Gemma is aimed and designed to be a living software so many new features could be added to it in future developments.

Project Management

The most obvious and core functionality of Gemma is working as a simple and robust project and task mangement software. Gemma streamlines the flow of a project from quote stage all the way to completion by use of an easy to use and effective interface with task and role assignment and project monitoring.

VI / AI enabled CRM

Instead of relying on a human operator to perform obvious and industry standard customer relation management duties, Gemma automatically takes the initiative and applies best practices of CRM for the relevant clients of the business automatically.

Accounting and Invoicing

Gemma always has a real time and clear understanding of the actual and predictable cashflow of the business. By adding the capability to record the expenses of the business and connecting to well known accounting platforms, it can reliably eliminate the need for any added overhead of a separate accounting software.

Active Monitoring

By observing all daily operations of a business, Gemma is able to monitor the performance and health of the overall business in many different areas inlcuding but not limited to financial state, employee performance, client behaviour, project and service performance and many other useful areas.

Business Intelligence

Small companies can also benefit from big data and the meaningful statistics coming out of processing that data. Gemma measures critical and essential business intelligence indexes and demonstrate the findings in forms of easy to understand graphs and charts to assist the business owner in making informed and educated decisions.

Following Best Practices

Gemma's logic to approach self aware and automated decisions is not based on personal experience of one or a group of people. Instead the developer team constantly conducts researches on the best industry practices of CRM and PM to make sure Gemma operates as close as possible to a well informed and educated human operator.


Look out for upcoming updates on Gemma

Please contact us and we'll inform you as soon as updates are available on Gemma project progress.

Gemma Development Details

A software system exists for one reason: to provide value to its users. All decisions should be made with this fact in mind. We have gone through lengthy and extensive research to make sure we have formulated Gemma around the values it can bring for the business owners who use Gemma to run their business. We also know that a system with a long lifetime has more value to offer. The core development philosophy of Gemma project is a living and growing software which will be always resilient to change. Any succsessful software project must include the ability of the software to respond to change in all its parts and functionalities so that it can adapt to technology and industry changes.

To ascertain the development of Gemma adheres to the best possible standards of software development design and life cycle, we are following industry proven and well known design and development practices of software industry.

Object Oriented Design: OOD makes code more maintainable. Identifying the source of errors becomes easier and it contributes to an application’s maintainability. Because objects contain both data and functions that act on data the resulting code is highly re useable. As an object’s interface provides a roadmap for reusing the object in new software, it also provides you with all the information you need to replace the object without affecting other codes. This makes it easy to replace the code with faster algorithms and newer technology when they become available.

S.O.L.I.D stands for five basic principles of object-oriented programming and design. The intention is that these principles, when applied together, will make it more likely that a programmer will create a system that is easy to maintain and extend over time. The principles of SOLID are guidelines that can be applied while working on software to remove code defects by providing a framework through which the programmer may refactor the software's source code until it is both legible and extensible. It is part of an overall strategy of agile and Adaptive Software Development.

Agile: Agile development refers to any development process that is aligned with the concepts of the Agile Manifesto. The Manifesto was developed by a group of fourteen leading figures in the software industry, and reflects their experience of what approaches do and do not work for software development. It describes a set of principles for software development under which requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing cross-functional teams. Based off Agile Architecture, it advocates adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement, and it encourages rapid and flexible response to change.

SCRUM: Scrum is a subset of Agile. It is a lightweight process framework for agile development, and the most widely-used one. A Scrum process is distinguished from other agile processes by specific concepts and practices, divided into the three categories of Roles, Artifacts, and Time Boxes. Scrum is most often used to manage complex software and product development, using iterative and incremental practices. It significantly increases productivity and reduces time to benefits relative to classic “waterfall” processes.

3 Tier Architecture: 3 Tier architecture is a software design pattern and a well-established software architecture. It is a client-server architecture in which the functional process logic, data access, computer data storage and user interface are developed and maintained as independent modules on separate platforms. . 3 Tier software architecture provides the following benefits to the end product; scalability, higher performance and better availability. This architecture allows any one of the three tiers to be upgraded or replaced independently.

MVC Design Pattern: Model–view–controller (MVC) is a software design pattern for implementing user interfaces on computers. It divides a given application into three interconnected parts in order to separate internal representations of information from the ways that information is presented to and accepted from the user. The MVC design pattern decouples these major components allowing for separation of concerns, efficient code reuse, developer specialization and focus and parallel software development. MVC expresses the "core of the solution" to a problem while allowing it to be adapted for each system.

Test Driven Development: Test driven development (TDD) is a software development process that relies on the repetition of a very short development cycle. Requirements are turned into very specific test cases, then the software is improved to pass the new tests, only. This is opposed to software development that allows software to be added that is not proven to meet requirements. Test-driven development can produce applications of high quality in less time than is possible with older methods. Proper implementation of TDD requires the developers and testers to accurately anticipate how the application and its features will be used in the real world. The methodical nature of TDD ensures that all the units in an application have been tested for optimum functionality, both individually and in synergy with one another. Because tests are conducted from the very beginning of the design cycle, time and money spent in debugging at later stages is minimized.

Work In Progress ...

These are screen shots of live Gemma development processes and technologies being used on a daily basis in our development office.

Visual Studio Team Services - Agile
Agile Project Management Visual Studio Team Services
Visual Studio Team Services
Cloud based version control Visual Studio Team Services
Work 5
Microsoft Azure Distributed Server Cloud based high performance solutions
Work 7
Microsoft Visual Studio IDE Most reliable development environment
Work 2
GEMMA Interface Dashboard Well designed and informative dashboard
Work 4
Project Tables Well organised tabluar presentation
Work 6
Interface Diagrams State of the art business intelligence
Work 8
SQL Database Diagram Well designed entity database diagrams

Gemma Development Versions

Development of Gemma project is broken down into 3 distinct phases based on functionality and capability.
Here we list our anticpated development milestones and versions as well as some of the future plans for this software project.

Version 0.1 (Prototype Version): In this development phase, Gemma prototype version will be developed. This version of Gemma is under development and approaching its last test and final phase before release for public preview.

The following functionality is expected to be deployed as part of this version:

  • SQL Database table and dependency creation
  • SQL Database Azure hosting and connection from cloud environment
  • SQL Database views created
  • 3 tier architecture structure and skeleton created
  • Entity framework data objects, business entities and view models created
  • Dependency inversion to application domain layer implemented
  • CRUD functionality of all base entities created
  • Data validation at the view layer and domain layer implemented
  • Unit tests for all methods of this version will be created
  • Interface integration and test completed for current functionality

Version 0.5 (Release Candidate Beta): In this version Gemma will activate its project management, task management, accounting and data monitoring functionalities.

The following functionality is expected to be deployed as part of this version:

  • Project, project revisions and tasks will be created and managed
  • Income and expenses tables will be populted
  • User login functionality and roles will be developed
  • Project and task assignment will be developed
  • Projects, Clients and Accounts views will be created
  • Dependency and parent child controls will be implemented in the domain layer
  • Entities to store BI indexes, metrics and VI decision making signals will be created
  • Unit tests for all methods of this version will be created
  • Interface integration and test completed for current functionality

Version 1.0 (First Commercial Version)

The following functionality is expected to be deployed as part of this version:

  • Full user management and profile customisation will be developed
  • Project management status control and workflow finished
  • VI agent signal monitoring functionality is created
  • VI agent email functionality is created
  • Project notes by operators and historical records created
  • Invoice forms created
  • VI personality and avatar integrated in the interface and email correspondence
  • First group of Gemma CRM email templates created for English language
  • All BI elements will be translated to visual and numerical outlets
  • Unit tests for all methods of this version will be created
  • Interface integration and test completed for current functionality

Future versions and visions: Here we list our future plans and results from our brainstorming sessions for when Gemma is commercially available and receiving recognition as a reliable software solution in the global market.

  • Further involvement of Gemma VI agent and use of AI machine learning modules
  • Introduction of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) functionality for email and chatbot modules
  • Android and IOS apps for field operator and project manager
  • Integration with payment gateways for payment processing
  • Integration with renowned accounting software
  • Budgetting and forcasting modules
  • Country specific versions based on tax regulations, invocing, quoting etc
  • Multi language support

Development Technologies

Programming Languages

The following programming languages have been used in this project: Transact-SQL, C# 7.0, HTML 5.0, CSS 3.0, JS with the use of Bootstrap and J-Query libraries.

.NET Platform

Primary software platform used for development of Gemma core logic is Microsoft .NET platform.

Visual Studio IDE

Microsoft Visual Studio has been used as the main Integrated Development Environment of Gemma's business logic and interface design.

Visual Studio Team Services

To use Agile SCRUM project management methodology, Visual Studio Team Services cloud based project management and source control software have been used.

Azure Distributed Hosting

Microsoft Azure distributed cloud based virtual machines are being used as the hosting environment for Gemma development testing and performance monitoring.

Azure SQL Database

Microsoft cloud based SQL server on Azure is currently used as Gemma test development platform and it planned to be the service provider for Gemma in the production level.

ASP.NET MVC Framework

Code class library of Microsoft ASP.NET with the use of MVC framework is the base development structre of Gemma project.

Android and IOS Apps

Design concepts for simple to use and functional Android and IOS mobile apps are being developed for field agents and mobile project managers.

Success is the progressive
realization of a worthy ideal. Earl Nightingale (1921 - 1985)

About Us

Our agile and friendly team is more like a close family. One major enforcer of out of the box and revolutionary thinking in our business is our
daily office laughs. With this culture as the umbrella that shadows over our daily hours, we soon realised that, we can do anything!

Our Story

We started our journey as a team from late 2015. The idea was to utilise our experience in different areas and create a functional interface in the team to create novel and cutting edge software products with the Made in Australia badge. Covering a full set of skills in the team, we started to think about some ambitious ideas.

We tried many things and brainstormed for more times than we can remember. The field of technology is vast and so many exciting ideas came to our mind. Out of all the discussions and research, two bright ideas emerged in form of two software projects. Project GLUU and project Gemma. Project Gemma was prioritised due to its higher chance of creating a sustainable cashflow to fuel our further growth and future projects. While the idea was big and daunting we always reminded ourselves of the wise words of great successful people like "Larry Page" the founder of Google!

Someone once said

You don’t need to have a 100-person company to develop that idea

Larry Page
Larry Page Google Co Founder

Our Experience

Software Architecture
.NET Development
Database Design
Front End Technologies

Our Team

Our team is a rare combination of core disciplines required in development of any cutting edge and promising software project.
With each one of us focusing on the area of our own expertise, project Gemma started to take shape in the most capable and caring hands.

Manuel Basiri

Manuel Basiri

Backend Developer

Business developer and self taught software developer with over 15 years of business and development experience.

Alan Kamali

Alan Kamali

Frontend Developer

Emerging and highly talented front end developer with a gifted sharp mind and incredible ideas.

Linsen Mathews

Linsen Mathews

Backend and Database Developer

Experienced database and .NET backend developer with 12 years of focused industry experience.


Bella Gomrokchi

Graphic and Motion Designer

Graphic and motion designer with over 12 years of industry experience in many diverse digital design fields.

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Gemma is an ambitious project with limitless growing potential. The use of Virtual Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence modules
in the software decision making process makes it a unique addition to the realm of business automation software. If you're looking
for investment opportunities in a software product with a bright future, look no further.

The version 0.1 of the project (Prototype) is undergoing its final stages of test and will soon be released for inspection and review
of interested parties. Invest in a live and active software project with very high chance of large returns on investment.

Be part of our lively team.
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